Gone are the days…

Gone are the days we’ve believe in forever,

Gone are the days we crazily fell in love with each other,

Gone are the days we’ve plan for our future,

Gone are the days, you and I were still together.

Gone are the days we laughed at all times, 

Do stupid things like Lovers and bestfriends at the same time,

Gone are the days  we kissed and greated each other a sweet goodnight,

And suddenly everything was falling apart.

Wish we could turn back time,

Turn the good old days,

When I’d never let your mistakes and imperfections, define my perception for you.

When I’d still believe back then that loving you is embracing all your flaws and insecurities in life,

because thats what makes you more lovable, I guess.

But it was gone, You are gone. 

For now, I’ll sketch my life plan with my own pen,

Brave these little battles independently,

And Love myself so deeply,

Though it took me a lot courage,

Tons of tears, and buckets of beer to get over you, 

I need to get over you. 

Because gone are the days we cared for each other.

Author: Aneth Madrid

To everyone going through any struggle or pain right now, keep your head up, and keep on smiling, you'll get through it.

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