Thank you, Sorry and Goodbye

People come and go.

People change.

And so do feelings, just like you right?

Can’t thank you enough for breaking my heart, can’t thank you enough for leaving suddenly, cant thank you enough for killing me!

Yet still, Thank you for being my bestfriend, my partner-in-crime for years. Thank you for everything you’ve done just to make our relationship work even though your so far far away. Thank you for the Love, and patience. Thank you for being my superman through the years, we’ve been through a lot of misunderstanding, arguments, sweet talks, promises and so on. I thought you were THE ONE, yeah i thought you were(sigh).

Days has passed but it’s still feels like a nightmare. My body clock’s still recovering, my heart’s still healing, and my feeling’s still alleviating.

Thank you for making me realize that I deserve better! Thank you for making me realize how Idiot you are, how coward you are, how pathetic you are. You stab me at my back but you pretended the one who was bleeding, how jerk you are.  

Thank you for making me question my self worth. Just so you know, Since the day I’ve found out that you cheated on me, it is so hard for me to accept it. For the one being cheated on, it is a hell of an emotional roller coaster of insults, pain, betrayal and heartache. My self-esteem drops as you can’t imagine. I felt the ugliest girl on earth. Its like my world turns upside down and my heart breaks into pieces. I cried, not once, not hundreds, but a thousand times.

Sorry! Sorry if all I did was to love you and pour all my love to you to the point that there’s nothing left for me to love myself. Sorry I have many shortcomings. Sorry I have a lot of insecurities. Sorry I am weak. Sorry I’ve never been the girl you wanted to be. Sorry If I am not enough. Sorry for being me. 

Sorry  because I thought u were different from everybody else. Sorry for believing all ur lies and promises. Sorry because I trusted u so much. Sorry I’ve made u the center of my life. Sorry If I can’t move on yet. Sorry but it’s still hurt as hell, knowing that u are happy with someone and didn’t even think my situation and left me with a broken heart, Sorry. Sorry If I’m not that worth fighting for. Sorry I’m not worth it. 

Today, I’ll bury my love for you 6 feet under the ground, together with my old soul, with my broken heart and trust. 

Our dreams, our memories will be left untold.

May you rest in peace. GOODBYE. 

Author: Aneth Madrid

To everyone going through any struggle or pain right now, keep your head up, and keep on smiling, you'll get through it.

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