An Open Letter To Myself

To start it off, I just wanted you to know that I am so proud of you. Life hasn’t been too easy  on you for the past years and I am truly sorry about that. Despite that, you have managed to keep your fvcking head up and continue fighting and fighting throughout.

This year was so overwhelming isn’t it?, You’ll get through it. I know you! It just that our plans didn’t work out this time. Although you manage to survive every fvcking day, I know you have to rest too. Why is it too hard to give yourself  a break for awhile? I think we deserve it too, isn’t it?

You’ve been working hard for a couple of months now, and because you’ve fvcked up you deserved it. I thought at first it’ll just a piece of cake but as the time goes by my head was aching and my anxiety levels up to 999999. Was it going to end up? How? When? till i die?

This is so upsetting! I’ve been hurt so bad before. I’d kill myself in every way. I become numb. And whatever I do there will always be something , a missing piece of me, a hole in my heart.

Though you seem like a loser FOR NOW, atleast you call your self a little-trying-hard-fighter.

I have sinned so many times but I will do my very best to overcome it! And will keep on apologizing and praying. So help me God!

*I don’t think this was an open letter, I just talk to myself. Because I just want someone to talk to . I’m having a hard time please help me



by: Aneth Madrid
(#MoveOnKaNaBes Poetry entry)

Mahal, Naaalala mo pa ba,
Nong tayo’y bago pa?
Di maipaliwanag na galak ating nadama,
Sa unang pagdampi ng ating mga labing
Ubod ng tamis sinta,
Sa mga yakap natin sa isa’t-isa
Na nag aapoy sa init sa’twing tayo’y magkasama,
At sa mga ngiting tila ba’y wala ng bukas pa.

Mahal, Naaalala mo pa ba,
Nong tayo’y ngdiwang ng unang anibersaryo natin sa eskwela?
Kasabay nito ang pagtugtog ng mga paborito nating musika,
At pagbigkas ng mga pangako natin sa isa’t-isa,
Doon nabuo ang mga pangarap nating dalawa,
Pangarap na tayo’y magsasama sa hirap at ginhawa,
Pangarap na sana’y tayo’y maging matatag pa,
At pangarap na tayo’y magtatagal pa.

At tayo’y nagtagal nga,
May mga panahong maligaya,
Ngunit may mga panahong ding tayo’y di magkaintindihan at nauuwi sa pagdrarama,
Ngunit Mahal, Naaalala mo pa ba na
Sa bawat away nati’y don naman tumitibay ang pagmamahal na ating nadarama? 
Tama ba?

Ngunit anong nangyari mahal?
Anong nangyari sa ating dalawa?
Nasaan na ang mga pangako natin sa isa’t isa na tayo’y magsasama hanggang sa ating pagtanda?
Mahal, Naaalala mo pa?
Ako pa ba’y iyong naaalala?
Kasi ako, OO.
Oo, naaalala pa kita,
Kasi nga Mahal pa kita kahit ang sakit sakit na.

Gone are the days…

Gone are the days we’ve believe in forever,

Gone are the days we crazily fell in love with each other,

Gone are the days we’ve plan for our future,

Gone are the days, you and I were still together.

Gone are the days we laughed at all times, 

Do stupid things like Lovers and bestfriends at the same time,

Gone are the days  we kissed and greated each other a sweet goodnight,

And suddenly everything was falling apart.

Wish we could turn back time,

Turn the good old days,

When I’d never let your mistakes and imperfections, define my perception for you.

When I’d still believe back then that loving you is embracing all your flaws and insecurities in life,

because thats what makes you more lovable, I guess.

But it was gone, You are gone. 

For now, I’ll sketch my life plan with my own pen,

Brave these little battles independently,

And Love myself so deeply,

Though it took me a lot courage,

Tons of tears, and buckets of beer to get over you, 

I need to get over you. 

Because gone are the days we cared for each other.

Live happily, Love endlessly


Lessons I learned after watching the movie “Kita Kita ♡”.
1.Love Moves in mysterious ways.

2.Life isn’t perfect. Do not let ur imperfection interfere with things that makes you happy.

3. Ang Pag-ibig ay hindi nababase sa itsura. Wag kang choosy! Lol

4. The truth is, some people will come in to your life TEMPORARILY, give u a little “romantic excitement” but didn’t last long.

5. Nakakabaliw talaga ma broken hearted tol, pero PLEASE ‘wag tularan si Tonyo, pati Beer (Sappori) pinatulan tae sya! Haha


7. 5 years, 6 years nor 10 years in a relationship doesn’t guarantee a forever. In short, WALANG FOREVER! WALA WALA WALA! 

8.SOMETIMES, when you feel like shit, be with or  talking to stranger is better than being alone.

9. If you’re mad, THINK (count one-to-ten), then BREATHE, before you DID or SAY something that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

10. Too much stress can lead to temporary blindness.

11. Eat cabbage, it will boost your happy hormones.

12. Do not close your door to someone, who’s willing to enter in your life. You’ll never know baka siya na si Mr. Right. If not, then so, be it. Life is evolving anyway. 

13. Love is all about sacrifices.

14.If you really really love someone, love them like theres no tomorrow.

15. LOYALTY is a MUST.

16. Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got.

17. NOTE TO SELF: ‘Wag ma carried away sa daan, STOP, LOOK and LISTEN anu ba! (Kaya walang poreber sina Tonyo at Lea dahil dito eh)

18. At pagnahap muna yung tlagang para sayo, wag munang pakawalan. ITALI MO NA tol! 

19. Huwag n’yo akong tularan, na-TOTGA (LITERAL) yong TOTGA ko. Haha

20. Last but not the least, If your planning to watch “Kita Kita”, be sure na yong mga kasama mo yung mga makakarelate ha? Yung may experience na, yung may pakiramdam! Kasi pag hindi, natapos na ang pelikula’t lahat, sasabihin ba namang “Yun lang yun?, “Wala namang nakakaiyak don”. Mapapa Asdfghjklzxcvbn ka na lang bigla. 

PS: Be sure to download “Kita Kita” OST – KZ Tandingan’s version of Two less Lonely People in the World. (*wink)

Thank you, Sorry and Goodbye

People come and go.

People change.

And so do feelings, just like you right?

Can’t thank you enough for breaking my heart, can’t thank you enough for leaving suddenly, cant thank you enough for killing me!

Yet still, Thank you for being my bestfriend, my partner-in-crime for years. Thank you for everything you’ve done just to make our relationship work even though your so far far away. Thank you for the Love, and patience. Thank you for being my superman through the years, we’ve been through a lot of misunderstanding, arguments, sweet talks, promises and so on. I thought you were THE ONE, yeah i thought you were(sigh).

Days has passed but it’s still feels like a nightmare. My body clock’s still recovering, my heart’s still healing, and my feeling’s still alleviating.

Thank you for making me realize that I deserve better! Thank you for making me realize how Idiot you are, how coward you are, how pathetic you are. You stab me at my back but you pretended the one who was bleeding, how jerk you are.  

Thank you for making me question my self worth. Just so you know, Since the day I’ve found out that you cheated on me, it is so hard for me to accept it. For the one being cheated on, it is a hell of an emotional roller coaster of insults, pain, betrayal and heartache. My self-esteem drops as you can’t imagine. I felt the ugliest girl on earth. Its like my world turns upside down and my heart breaks into pieces. I cried, not once, not hundreds, but a thousand times.

Sorry! Sorry if all I did was to love you and pour all my love to you to the point that there’s nothing left for me to love myself. Sorry I have many shortcomings. Sorry I have a lot of insecurities. Sorry I am weak. Sorry I’ve never been the girl you wanted to be. Sorry If I am not enough. Sorry for being me. 

Sorry  because I thought u were different from everybody else. Sorry for believing all ur lies and promises. Sorry because I trusted u so much. Sorry I’ve made u the center of my life. Sorry If I can’t move on yet. Sorry but it’s still hurt as hell, knowing that u are happy with someone and didn’t even think my situation and left me with a broken heart, Sorry. Sorry If I’m not that worth fighting for. Sorry I’m not worth it. 

Today, I’ll bury my love for you 6 feet under the ground, together with my old soul, with my broken heart and trust. 

Our dreams, our memories will be left untold.

May you rest in peace. GOODBYE. 

Sometimes, Love just Aint Enough

Some says, Love is all that Matters. Love conquers all. Love can save the world. Really people? Love Hurts! Love makes you insane! Love can kill you. Yes, It feels good to Love and to be loved by someone you really really love But Love just aint enough though. There are so many things that really matters you know, like TRUST, PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING, and so on.

It’s funny how someone can bring so much joy and happiness into your life yet still be the reason for your never-ending pain and sadness at the same time. Just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean that they’re good for you. Do you spend most of the time being happy and contented? Or crying and doubting? I told you Love Hurts! 
You know what? The saddest truth on earth that many of us refuses to accept is that.. being in love doesn’t mean you’re always happy. Until you lose somebody you love, you won’t know how it feels but deep down I pray you never do because I swear that it kills. 

Don’t let your love go to waste. This humbling realization will give you the strength to press forward and leave the things that you once thought were your EVERYTHING  behind. We don’t know what’s gonna happen next. But I will assure you, something better is waiting on the horizon.